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  • Have your say – Ingredients

    Have your say – Ingredients

    Last week all year 7 and 8 parents were sent a text with the following link to a short survey, if you haven’t already please follow the link to give us your opinion. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/8Z2S972 We would like to provide all students at KS3 with ingredients for food lessons for a small financial contribution (no more than £10 […]Read More »
  • Battle of the Somme Evening – Tuesday 29th June 2016

    Battle of the Somme Evening – Tuesday 29th June 2016

    The ‘Great War’ or ‘World War One’ (1914-18) was arguably the most calamitous experience in British History with nearly 1 million soldiers killed.. Whilst ultimately Britain was victorious there was an enormous cost in human life and war material. There was not one family who was untouched by the depth of this total conflict which […]Read More »
  • Travel Academy meet with MP

    Travel Academy meet with MP

    Mrs Lee, Assistant Principal:  On Friday 17th June we were lucky enough to welcome Cllr Ahmed, Cllr Bills and Ian Austin MP to Holly Hall Academy. We discussed safety and travel together with other issues we identified as a Travel Academy.  Some of the issues were: à The hazard of the grassy mound outside the pedestrian […]Read More »
  • The Big First Aid Lesson

    The Big First Aid Lesson

    Mrs Lee, Assistant Principal:  Some Year 10 students will have the opportunity on Friday afternoon to watch ‘The Big First Aid Lesson Live’. This is an interactive hour-long online programme that is streamed live and covers a whole range of first aid scenarios including chest pains, seizures and insect bites. There will be live demos, incredible real […]Read More »
  • EU Referendum

    EU Referendum

    Mr Clarke, Maths Teacher:  This week, in tutorials students were presented with balanced argument both from the people who wanted to leave the EU membership and from those who wanted to stay. They should now have a better understanding of the issues debated in the referendum and know what the facts are and what is […]Read More »
  • Insight 24th June 2016

    Insight 24th June 2016

    Check out the 24th June 2016 edition of INsight. Now available to view easily online. Visit the News link then click INsight or click hereRead More »
  • UK Junior Maths Challenge

    UK Junior Maths Challenge

    Miss Westwood, Mathematics KS3 Coordinator:  We have now received the results from this year’s  Junior Maths Challenge.  Well done to all students who took part.  Below are the students who were awarded certificates. YEAR 7 BRONZE CERTIFICATES Karter Arrowsmith, Jaymeon Burgher, Vinnie Cattell and Kamil Zugaj BEST IN YEAR:  Karter Arrowsmith YEAR 8 BRONZE CERTIFICATES […]Read More »
  • Mr Townley – Astronomical Talk

    Mr Townley – Astronomical Talk

    When Mr Townley is not teaching students, he can often be found teaching fellow astronomers about solar astronomy and solar physics.  Last weekend was one of these instances, when Mr Townley was invited to speak to over 100 guests at a conference for the Irish Astronomical Association at Trinity College Dublin.  Mr Townley says “I […]Read More »
  • Healthy Eating Week

    Healthy Eating Week

    Miss Milovsorov, Coordinator of Food Technology and Catering: This week Holly Hall has been celebrating Healthy Eating Week.  Free fruit has been given away each day in Scotty G’s to encourage students to eat their ‘five-a-day’ and free drinks have been given away in T6 to encourage students to select more healthy drinks. The drinks […]Read More »
  • Insight 17th June 2016

    Insight 17th June 2016

    Check out the 17th June 2016 edition of INsight. Now available to view easily online. Visit the News link then click INsight or click hereRead More »

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