A Message from West Midlands Police

It has been brought to our attention that when children are being dropped off or picked up from the Academy, there are major parking problems around the immediate vicinity of the Academy.

Vehicles have been seen by police blocking residents driveways, double parking blocking access for emergency vehicles and parking on footpaths causing danger for pedestrians needing to cross the road.

Some vehicles were seen mounting the footpath coming within inches of parents who were walking their children along the footpath.  These actions are causing unnecessary danger and we are requesting that you take more care.

Fines for parking offences range from £30 to £100 plus penalty points.  Driver improvement courses (at the cost of the driver) can be requested and for more serious incidents, officers can request Court hearings.

Officers will be conducting patrols around the Academy and WILL be issuing fixed penalty tickets to vehicles that are illegally parked, even if this is “only for a few minutes”.  If you need to leave earlier  to park a few streets away, this could save you the risk of a fine.

PLEASE REMEMBER It is your children’s safety that is at risk.

The full letter from West Midlands Police can be found on the Academy website – www.hollyhallacademy.co.uk.