Academy Specialism

Holly Hall has been proud to be a Specialist College for several years now. This has meant a specific focus on achievement in Mathematics and Computing and a very strong ethos and commitment to using ICT as a tool for learning right across the curriculum.

Whilst initial developments ensured that all Mathematics and ICT classrooms were designed for high quality teaching using interactive whiteboard technology, now every classroom in the academy is equipped in this way. Many of the practical spaces for technology and art are also equipped in this way.

We have also been able to develop the computer infrastructure within the school. Before becoming a Specialist Mathematics and Computing College we had just three computer rooms, whereas now we have seven specialist computer rooms as well as five dual use rooms which are set up as full size classrooms as well as having a mini suite of computers.

Extensive use of ICT across the academy gives an exciting and rich curriculum providing a 21st Century learning environment for every student.