Citrix (Remote Access)

Citrix allows students and staff to connect to the Academy’s network from any location in the world (internet connection permitting). It allows the you to open up common applications which are used at the academy, such as Microsoft Word and Excel. This allows you to use these applications without having them installed on the computer or device you are using.  You can also use Citrix to have a virtual desktop, which looks and feels like you are actually using an Academy computer.  The benefits of this is that you have access to your documents and all the shared drives and programs that are installed on the computers in the Academy.

Use the same username and password you use to login to the computers in the Academy to gain access. Click the link below to login.

Citrix Remote Access  Firstly: Make sure you download the appropriate software using the instructions below.
Note: If you click the “desktop” link and nothing happens it is because your Internet Browser is blocking it because it is a pop-up, you will have to enable pop-ups on the website.

Supported devices

Windows / Mac / Linux

  • Requires the installation of a Citrix Online Plugin – you will be prompted to do this the first time you log on – follow the on line instructions.
  • If you do not get prompted to download the software you can download and install it manually here.

iOS / Android / Windows Phone

  • Requires the install of Citrix Receiver app available for free from App Store / Play Store