Remote Access

At Holly Hall Academy we use a system called CC4 Access to allow remote access to the Academy network for staff. If you are a current member of staff at the Academy please follow the instructions below.

Step One

Navigate your web browser to

Step Two

You will then be presented with the screen that is shown below. Enter your academy Username and Password (i.e. whatever you use to log into a workstation at the academy) in these boxes and click on Sign In.

Step Three

After successfully signing into CC4 Access, you’ll be presented with the following screen.

Step Four

Clicking on CC4Access, for remote access to the academy network, will download a file and, depending on which browser you’re using, you’ll be prompted to open or save the file. Choose open if possible (if you’ve saved the file, then navigate to your downloads and double click on the file with .RDP at the end). Once launched you may receive the following popup which you’ll need to press Connect on.

Step Five

You may also be prompted to enter your credentials again in a window similar to the one shown below. If this occurs, please enter HOL\Username or username@hol.internal (where the Username is the same one you use on the network in academy) and the associated password.