Performing Arts

Subject: Performing Arts

The aim of Performing Arts at Holly Hall Academy is to contribute to students becoming responsible members of the school.  Lessons are designed to develop students’ imaginations and performance skills but also focus on key skills that make us well rounded individuals in society. Our primary aim for drama is to enable our students to: develop their creative mind; build personal skills such as confidence and team work; listen to and be sensitive to the needs and ideas of others; communicate in a respectful and sensitive way.

Drama lesson will teach students:


  1. To focus on the solution to a problem and not the problem itself.
  2. That there is often more than one solution to a problem and the only way to find the best outcome is by exploring all the options.
  3. That very small differences can have very large effects.
  4. How to empathise with others
  5. To critically evaluate their own and others work and to use these evaluations to improve work.
  6. That the audience are the most important people to consider when developing a performance for theatre.
  7. To consider a variety of different people’s perspectives at the same and make them flow together in one coherent representation. (Actor, director, costume, staging, effects)
  8. That a script always has a context that always has to be considered.
  9.  The language of respect and sensitivity.
  10.  How to work in a team.


Performing Arts Curriculum Overview – KS3/4

Course overview

Taking Performing Arts GCSE will enrich your personal and social skills as you will be required to work as part of a team. You will be taught discipline of performance and presentation skills which are important qualities to hold, regardless of your chosen career aspirations.

Drama is a demanding, but extremely enjoyable and rewarding subject. You will be required to work under your own initiative and organise rehearsals in your own time if you are really going to excel and contribute to the enormous success that our subject enjoys every year.

The GCSE course is divided into three sections: a devised practical exam based on a stimulus with devised written coursework report; a practical scripted performance and a written exam based on a specific play studied in class.

In practical lessons you will develop your understanding of theatre style and genre, published plays and devised thematic performance. You will write and perform your own scripts and monologues. You will create original theatre and learn new presentation techniques.

You will be challenged physically and intellectually. You will need to demonstrate a positive, enthusiastic and supportive attitude with regard to all aspects of the course and will be given opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities and theatre visits that will enhance your skills, knowledge and understanding of Drama and Theatre.


Where can additional information about the curriculum be found?

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