Subject: English

English Department Mission Statement

What makes the English department special is our shared passion and enthusiasm for our subject. Our aim is to transfer this to our students by delivering a curriculum that engages and challenges our students. We strive to ensure that all of our students find enjoyment in all aspects of reading, writing and communication.

English is vital to the Academy’s curriculum and will equip students with skills for the rest of their lives.


10 Big Ideas

1)      Immerse students in a variety of texts which include fiction and non-fiction.

2)      Encourage reading for pleasure and enjoyment.

3)      Gain familiarity of the social and historical setting of authors and texts from different cultures, countries and eras.

4)      Develop students’ imaginative and thoughtful ideas through creative writing, equipping them with the tools to build a wide and varied vocabulary.

5)      Build and maintain levels of Standard English in writing, including being able to use appropriate grammar and punctuation.

6)      Investigate methods used by writers to engage audiences with texts. Develop critical skills to be able to question the effectiveness of these methods.

7)      Promote discussion and communication skills through group work and speaking and listening activities.

8)      Allow students to present their own opinions as well as build on the ideas of others through debate.

9)      Become inquisitive learners by having opportunities to question and develop the skills of posing quality questions to enhance their own understanding.

10)   Students will be challenged to become independent and inquisitive learners.

KS3 Curriculum Plans

GCSE course offered

Students are offered GCSE English, English Language and English Literature depending on their target grade.

This is through either AQA or WJEC.


Course overview

GCSE English is designed to be a two year course with students achieving a GCSE qualification. This course has one external examination which assesses reading and writing skills. All Students complete Controlled Assessment tasks worth 60% of the final mark. There are three Speaking and Listening tasks, two writing tasks and a reading task. These are teacher assessed and moderated by the exam board.

GCSE English Language and Literature are designed to be sat over two years giving students two separate GCSE qualifications.

There are three external examinations via this route as well as the Controlled Assessment modules including one written essay for the Literature element and four written pieces for the Language element.

Students are also required to complete three Speaking and Listening tasks.

KS4 Curriculum Plan

Where can additional information about the curriculum be found?

AQA GCSE: http://web.aqa.org.uk/subjects/english.php

WJEC GCSE: http://www.wjec.co.uk/index.php?subject=51&level=7

There are also revision guides and booklets available from the school on request.

Staff are always available to talk where there are concerns about any curriculum matter through the schools contact telephone number.