KS3 Geography

Year 7 Geography

Unit Title Brief Overview Of Unit
 Unit 1: Global to Local  To promote understanding of the World and our local area: What is life like in Dudley?  Maps of different scales are used in this unit.
 Unit 2: Skills 1  To discover the map skills that geographers use including map symbols, direction, Four-figure grid references, scale and contours.
 Unit 3: Physical processes of climate  To promote understanding of physical processes of climate, rocks, weathering and glaciation.
 Unit 4: Brazil  To discover what is Brazil like and the quality of life for those living there.  Students establish the threats that the Amazon rainforest faces and look at how it can be developed sustainably.
 Unit 5:Tourism  To compare the impacts of tourism within the UK and Kenya and how this can be developed sustainably in the future.
Useful Resources / Links Visit Britain
Map Zone
MET Office
National Geographic

Year 8 Geography

Unit Title Brief Overview Of Unit
 Unit 1: Skills 2  To develop map skills in greater depth. This includes longitude and latitude, describing routes, 6 figure grid references and drawing cross-sections.
 Unit 2: Plate tectonics  What physical processes shape the world? How do these changes affect people in different geographical locations?
 Unit 3: China  To compare the development of China with the UK.  Data interpretation is a focus of this unit.
 Unit 4 – Crime  This unit looks at how geographers can reduce crime. Aspects include views on crime, designing out crime and analysing local crime statistics from creating choropleth graphs.
 Unit 5: Fair trade  Students gain and understanding of what is Fair trade is and how Fair trade can help with sustainable development.
Useful Resources / Links Mapzone
National Geographic China
BBC Bitesize
Fair Trade

GCSE Geography

GCSE Geography B (1-9) – WJEC Eduqas (Years 9, 10 & 11)

Exam Information Paper 1: Investigating Geographical Issues – testing content of the three themes. 1 hour 45 minutes long.  40% of qualification.

Paper 2: Problem Solving Geography. 1 hour 30 minutes long.  30% of qualification.

Paper 3: Applied Fieldwork Enquiry. 1 hour 30 minutes long.  30% of qualification.

Course Overview Changing Places – Changing Economies

Changing Environments

Environmental Challenges

During the course students will also attend two field trips where they will investigate aspects outlined by the exam board to prepare them for Paper 3.  Students will spend time in lessons writing up their findings and evaluating their projects.

Useful Resources / Exam Board Information

Urban = BBC Education

Rural = BBC Education

Economic change = BBC Education 

Migration = BBC Education

Weather = BBC Education

Ecosystems = BBC Education

Rivers = BBC Education

Coasts = BBC Education


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