Subject: Music

Mission Statement

Music is a natural form of expression in the development of children and is an integral part of the school curriculum. The Music Department is responsible for helping all children understand and enjoy music and it will assist in discovering and nurturing musical talent.

The aims of the Holly Hall Music Department are;

1.     To develop in our students an understanding and appreciation of the various types, styles, and forms of music.

2.     To develop better citizenship.  Music participation emphasizes the ability to work with others as a member of a team.  It teaches the importance of a cooperative effort, acceptance of leadership, acceptance of differences, and the need for self-discipline and responsibility.

3.     To make students aware of the possibilities music offers as a career or vocation.

4.     To contribute towards broadening the cultural life of our School community.

5.     To help achieve self-realization through participation in music performance and composition, displayed through emotional development, creative attitudes, skill and knowledge, physical and mental health, mental stimulation and high level thinking, leisure time activity, self-expression, spiritual development, and personality development.

6.     To ensure our performance groups strive to perform at the highest artistic level, consistent with the experience and maturity of the group.

Music Curriculum Plan Key Stage 3

 GCSE course offered

GCSE Music

Course overview

Main course content

Unit 1 : Performing

Students rehearse and perform one solo and one ensemble performance on an instrument of their choice or using music technology.

Unit 2 : Composing

Students compose two pieces of music, one in a style of their choice and another based on a given genre.

Unit 3 : Listening and Appraising

Students study Music from four different times in history. They study twelve pieces in total and sit a 1 hour 30mins exam at the end of the course, answering questions about the studied pieces of music.

Music Key Stage 4 Curriculum Overview

The Music GCSE course is split into two areas of Assessment:

Controlled Assessment (coursework)

60% – 2 performances and 2 compositions completed throughout the course


40% – 1hr 30mins listening and appraising exam sat at the end of course

Where can additional information about the curriculum be found?

Students can discuss Music GCSE with Mr Simpson or current Yr10 students.