Subject: PSHE & Citizenship

PSHE and Citizenship – ‘Big Ideas’

 PSHE/Citizenship lessons at the Holly Hall Academy enable our students to become active citizens in our British society. The skills and knowledge they gain through their studies will help them to live safe, happy and healthy adult lives. We aim to achieve these goals by the following:


  • 1. Foster students’ awareness and understanding of democracy.
  • 2. Prepare students’ to take their place in society as responsible citizens who understand their rights in society.
  • 3. Enable students to manage their money effectively and make sound financial decisions.
  • 4. Develop an interest in, and commitment to, participation in volunteering as well as other forms of responsible activity that make them active citizens.
  • 5. Develop a sound knowledge and understanding of how the United Kingdom is governed, its political systems and the role of law and justice in our society.
  • 6.  Help students to understand human sexuality and to respect themselves and others.
  • 7.  Help students to consider the reasons for delaying sexual activity and the benefits to be gained from such delay, and learn about obtaining appropriate advice on sexual health.
  • 8. Enable students to speak up for their beliefs about moral/ethical issues on a local, national   and global scale.
  • 9. Encourage students to develop a self awareness of what constitutes mental, physical and emotional wellbeing within themselves.
  • 10. Develop students understanding of the effect that the abuse of alcohol, solvents, tobacco and other drugs can have on their physical, mental and emotional health.
  • During KS4, students will study topical issues ranging from Economical wellbeing and financial capability to Refugees and migration. They will gain knowledge and understanding of current issues which affect our every day lives within our society and Britain, debating topics on terrorism and radicalisation to teenage attitudes on child sexploitation and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

PSHE and Citizenship – Year 7 Curriculum overview

PSHE and Citizenship – Year 8 Curriculum overview

PSHE and Citizenship – Year 9 Curriculum overview

At Key stage 4 students will continue to look at citizenship modules including British Values and other relevant topics.