Subject: Science

Science Mission Statement

Our aim is to create a challenging environment in Science’s by constantly developing high quality learning experiences for all students, leading to improvements and in progress performance in science.

Our Science Curriculum is being developed further to:

  1. Inspire and motivate all students to further develop science skills and understanding.
  2. Enable students to make progress.
  3. Challenge and excite students.
  4. Raise standards at KS4 by promoting a solid foundation in KS3.
  5. Develop investigative skills.
  6. Develop independent thought and deeper thinking skills.
  7. Enable creativity and reflectiveness.
  8. Enable students to understand and apply science to the world around them.
  9. Prepare students for the world of work/further study.

Be engaging and enjoyable.

Science Curriculum Overview – Year 7

Science Curriculum Overview – Year 8

Science Curriculum Overview – Year 9


GCSE course offered




This course covers the three areas of physics, Biology and Chemistry

The Biology course consists of – Cell Biology, Organisation, Infection and Response, Bioenergetics. Homeostasis and Response, Ecology, Inheritance, variation and evolution

The Chemistry course consists of – Atomic structure, Bonding, structures and the properties of matter, Quantitative Chemistry, Chemical Changes, Energy Changes, The Rate and and extent of chemical change, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Analysis, Chemistry and the Atmosphere and Using Resources.

The Physics course consists of – Forces, energy, Waves, Electricity, Magnetisms and Electromagnetism, Particle model of matter and Atomic structure.

The most able students will be given the opportunity to extend their learning in the subject by completing extension work and being entered for Triple Award Science exam. This will lead to the students achieving a GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Assessment Methods

Examination ( 100 % )

There will be two examinations for Biology, two for Chemistry and two for Physics. Each examination will be One hour 15 minutes and tier of entry will be Foundation or Higher.

Reconmended Resources

Students oxbox textbooks can be accessed on the Academy web site

The following web sites will also support exam preparation. /science

Additional Support

Students are strongly encouraged to purchase revision guides available through the Science department at a cost of £2.50 each.

Further Study/ Career pathways

A GCSE Science qualification of B grade and above is required to study A level Science. Many employers and colleges prefer students to have qualifications in Science as it demonstrates that the students have an understanding of the world around them


KS4 Curriculum Biology Year 10

KS4 Curriculum Chemistry Year 10

KS4 Curriculum Physics Year 10