Subject: Sociology

Overview of KS3 curriculum

No course offered at KS3.


GCSE course offered

AQA GCSE Sociology

Course overview

Sociology is the study of society in which we live. It examines how we are influenced and shaped through being members of groups and organisations. It concentrates on the way we make society what it is and the way society makes us what we are.

The course consists of the following 6 units:

1. Studying society.
2. Education.
3. Families.
4. Crime and deviance.
5. Mass media.
6. Social inequality.

Sociology Year 10 Curriculum Plan

Sociology Year 10 Curriculum Plan


Where can additional information about the curriculum be found?

Collins Revision GCSE Sociology AQA by Pauline Wilson.
AQA Sociology GCSE published by Nelson Thornes.
AQA website.