Easter Message From The Principal

Rob Hatch, Principal: We have reached the end of another fantastic term! It doesn’t seem long ago that we were arriving to and departing from the Academy in the dark. The lighter mornings signify that spring is here and that we are on the eve of the exams. It is a crucial time for Year 11 and Easter is the time in which the bulk of revision needs to be completed. Easter is also very late this year and barely three weeks after we return, the main exam period will have started.

To support Year 11 at this time we will provide them with a special pen with a built in USB pen drive containing suitable revision materials for every subject. We hope this really helps them to focus over the holiday.

A good tip is to treat revision as part of the Academy day, broken down into sessions so that all subjects get the same amount of attention. This approach will leave plenty of time for socialising and relaxing. It is important that parents and carers support students by making sure that they have a quiet space to revise and relax. Coping with exam stress is about taking control and not doing too much ‘cramming’.

‘Revision’ needs to be active and what should really happen, if done correctly, is that topics get reduced down to the key points. Revision is all about ‘making’ or reinforcing memory by processing information and turning it into something else i.e. text into charts and diagrams into bullet points or images. It is all about making less not more. Make sure that revision cards are small or that posters only have key ideas and concepts.

We wish Year 11 the best of luck and I am sure that they will do themselves proud through their hard work and application. Resilience, by not giving up, is the greatest skill that they need to show for the next eight weeks.

We have also seen student leadership really come to the fore over this term with many exciting developments and initiatives.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very enjoyable and safe Easter break.

The Academy will re-open on Monday 24th April 2017.