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There are a lot of benefits to cycling regularly – you can save money on motoring and public transport costs, and keep fit without having to pay for the gym.

Cycling can also save you time, as integrating cycling into every day activities, such as travelling to the Academy means you don’t have to set time aside to keep fit and regular cycling can help to burn off calories and increase fitness levels.

Cycling for leisure is a great activity for families to enjoy together.

Commuter cycling

To find the quietest, quickest or most pleasant route to your destination plan your cycle route using a journey planner.

Click here to access the Dudley Cycle Map

Stay safe

When using road routes ensure you know and understand the Highway Code

  • wear appropriate clothing to be seen day and night time
  • use good lights
  • ensure your helmet is in good condition with no cracks
  • be prepared with a rucksack containing essential repair items
  • be considerate to other highway users and stay alert at all times
  • make eye contact with drivers, see and be seen

Safety tip for cyclists and drivers.

Cycle training

Bikeability is cycling proficiency for the 21st century that gives you the skills and confidence to cycle in modern road conditions.

If you wish to access cycle training, please visit the Bikeability website and search for a local provider.

How to get to Holly Hall Academy

To plan your journey to The Holly Hall Academy, you can use any one of the relevant Journey Planners below: Walking –

There are plenty of footpaths around The Holly Hall Academy. Walking is a great way to get to The Holly Hall Academy as it keeps you fit, it’s sociable and free! Cycling – Cycle Streets

Cycling is a great way to get to The Holly Hall Academy and we have plenty of covered cycle shelters to store your bike when you get here. Public Transport –Network West Midlands

The Holly Hall Academy is on a number of bus routes. The following buses stop on the Kingswinford Road; #246 Dudley to Stourbridge which runs every 8 minutes and the #226 Dudley – Merry Hill which runs every 30 minutes during the week. The #205 bus service runs every 30 minutes and stops on Ashenhurst Road and the #222 runs every 15 minutes and stops on Corbyn Road or Russells Hall Hospital.

You can also plan your journeys on the go with the Network West Midlands travel apps which are free to download:
Network West Midlands phone app
To get the best ticket visit: Best Ticket

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