Examinations Timetable

Timetables and exam overviews may be published here. Students should have access to their own individual examination timetable.

Information for Candidates

Examination FAQ March 2014

7.1 A guide to the special consideration process

6.2 Warning to Candidates

6.1 No Mobile Phones Poster

5.1 Suspected Malpractice in Examinations and Assessments

4.4 Information for candidates – written examinations

4.3 Information for candidates – on-screen tests

4.2 Information for candidates – coursework assessments

4.1 Information for candidates – controlled assessments

3.3 Notice to Centres – The people present

3.2 Instructions for conducting MFL Listening examinations

3.1 Instructions for conducting examinations

2.1 Instructions for conducting coursework

1.1 Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments