Spelling Bee

Miss Wade, Head of MFL: On Wednesday afternoon seven Year 7 students took part in the school final of the Foreign Language Spelling Bee. Previously, all Year 7 students took part in a class competition, which required them to learn fifty French words and to be able to spell them out loud in French. The winners from each of these groups then had to learn a further fifty words on which they were tested this week. The competition was very close and we even had to have a second round to decide between 1st and 2nd place after an initial draw.
In 3rd place was Saher Sahrab who spelled five words correctly in a minute. After an initial draw with seven words each, Halima Rashid went on to 2nd place, spelling eight words correctly in the second round, and Seta Jafari-Tadi took 1st place, spelling nine words correctly in one minute.

The three girls will now compete in the West Midlands regional final at Tudor Grange Academy on Thursday 10th May.