Value Driven Expectations – New Behaviour Policy

Mr Landers, Principal: I write to update you on our new Values Driven Expectations behaviour system. This has been developed by Dudley Academies Trust in order to enable all our schools to establish and sustain a culture of excellence which is required to deliver our values driven education provision. This new behaviour system will be fully introduced across Dudley Academies Trust in September 2018.

A presentation will be made to all learners in assemblies to explain the principles of the new system and you will receive a ‘Values Driven Expectations’ handbook outlining the system and its escalation triggers when behaviour is negative. Above all, you will see that rewards are at the centre of our approach but we will not accept any disruption to learning or to the civilised, harmonious ethos of our schools both during lesson times and in learners’ social times.

I firmly believe that our new system will benefit all learners and play a major part in the Trust’s relentless drive for excellence in all that we do.
We are very excited about our new behaviour system and the positive impact we believe it will have across all of our schools. To prepare for the introduction of the system in September we have decided to trial the system for two weeks with our current Year 8 learners.

I would like to thank you in anticipation of your support.