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St Clement's

High School


Marshland High School aims to provide a safe and caring environment where all members of our school community are valued and can achieve success.  We also aim to provide opportunity and challenge so all can develop their talents and achieve their full potential.  To achieve this, we seek to work in partnership with parents and carers in a number of ways.

The school uses ‘Show my Homework’ which is an online tool that enables parents and students to see what homework has been set and when it is due to be handed in.  Additionally students may write day notes in their Learning Diaries about homework.  We ask that parents and carers support their child by checking what homework they need to do and reminding them to get it done on time as necessary. 

Typically you should be encouraging a total of at least one hour per evening in Year 7, increasing towards up to three hours in Years 10 and 11. Homework is a most obvious and vital aspect of the home-school partnership.

Learning Diaries
Every year, each student is issued with a Learning Diary. It is a diary in which students can record their timetable, homework and check on a variety of other useful information. In addition to this, the Learning Diary is a live and current way of communicating a student’s progress to parents. Students are asked to reflect on their performance, and to record their thoughts in the Learning Diary so that parents can track this progress. We ask that you support your child by taking an active interest in their Learning Diary and signing it weekly.  You can also use it to write notes to your child’s tutor.

You will receive one report each term giving you details of the GCSE sub-grade your child is working at in each subject. It will also show you your child’s target grade that they should reach by the end of the academic year and the average grade that students across the whole year group are working at in each subject. Additionally it will provide you with information about your child’s attendance, the level of effort your child is making in lessons, and whether they do their homework on time or not.

Parent Evenings
You will be invited to one Parent/Teacher evening each year, which is a great opportunity to come and talk to the individual subject teachers about how your child is getting on. 

Additionally there is a ‘Meet the tutor’ evening early in year 7 to give parents/carers a chance to meet their child’s tutor and to find out how well their child is settling in, and Options evening to help parents/carers support their child as they make decisions about what courses to follow in Key Stage 4.

Home/School Communication
You may contact the school using the Learning Diary. Equally, if you have a concern you should feel free to telephone the school and ask to speak to your child’s tutor or Head of House for general queries or the Head of Department for issues relating to a particular subject.

Home/School Contract
This is available in the students learning diary but to view or download an additional copy please click on the link below:

Home/School Contract