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St Clement's

High School

Transition From Year 6 to Year 7

Year 6 Transition – September 2020

Welcome to Marshland High School!

The information here is to help you and your child transition from Primary to Secondary Education with us ready for September 2020. 

Year 6 Transition Information

Despite the uncertain times that we are all experiencing at present, we want to reassure all prospective parents and students with regard to some aspects of you joining us.

Due to these unforeseen circumstances  and Government guidance it is unlikely that we will be holding our usual two days of induction in the Summer term, although we will if at all possible.

For further information regarding your child joining us in September please click on the link below:

Year 7 September 2020 - Information Letter to Parents - May 2020 

More details will be provided as soon as we have them, but if you have any concerns or queries not addressed in our letter, please direct them to Mrs Swinburn, Assistant Head for KS3 by email on

Any new advice, information or news will be posted to these pages, so please refer to these pages regularly over the coming weeks.

We look forward to welcoming your child to Marshland High School.


latest news

Uniform update - as at 30th July 2020

As per the letter to parents with key information July2020. 

The free uniform items ordered will be available to collect on 1st September from school.  The school will also provide a tie on this day.  There has been a delay with the jackets and these are not expected into school until the second week of term.   We will communicate to parents as soon as these arrive so parents can collect their jacket from the school.

If the free items do not fit they should be able to exchange them at school on the 3rd/4th September.

Price and Buckland have now informed the school that parents can order, from 14th August, additional items from the website.   We are advised that these items will be sent out where stock is available.  There is a possibility that some items may not be in stock until later in September as a result of the disruption caused by COVID-19.   Consequently all students will have a uniform for the start of term, however the jacket and additional uniform purchases may not be available until later in September.

Welcome to Marshland High School - September 2020 - Key Information - July 2020
Year 7 September 2020 - Information Letter to Parents - May 2020 

transition work

Your child will be asked to complete a series of tasks during the 2020 summer holidays, prior to their first day at Marshland High School.  Please click on the links below to view and download the tasks:


Year 6 Poetry Booklet.

This booklet contains a selection of poems and tasks that will help prepare you for your English lessons at Marshland High School.

There are five poems, each with a set of questions to be answered with some extension tasks to challenge yourself.
There is space in the booklet for your answers.
Use the name of the poem as the title of your work and write the question numbers in the margin.
Make sure you concentrate on your presentation and handwriting as this is really important at Marshland High School.

The poems to be completed in the following order are:

1.    The Listeners
2.    Timothy Winters
3.    Tich Miller
4.    Absent
5.    Please Let Me Stay At Home

If you get stuck on a question or task, move on to the next one and then go back to it. Sometimes you just need to regroup your thoughts. If you are still stuck you can email one of the following teachers: – Lead KS3 English Teacher – Head of English – Lead KS4 English Teacher and Second in English

You should aim to spend an hour on each poem and the tasks with it. 


All the Maths teachers at Marshland High School are very much looking forward to meeting you, normally during transition days you find out about us, we find out about you and together we do some Maths. Unfortunately, due to transition being cancelled we won’t meet in person, however hopefully completing this booklet you will be able to practise some Maths you can use in the real world.

Maths Transition Work Book

Maths Transition Answer Book 


Maths Transition App

Numerise is a maths app/website that parents and students can sign up to free of charge until September and can help to bridge the gap between Year 6 and Year 7 maths. If you wish to try this out please follow the link below.

Numerise App


Be Awesome, Go Big is a package to help Year 6 students transition into Year 7. It can be used by students and parents at home or in school with teachers in class. It is designed to be motivational, helpful and reassuring and to help young people feel valued, loved, encouraged and equipped for the journey ahead.

The resources are based on bestselling children’s books You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed and Go Big: The secondary school survival guide by Matthew Burton. 

We can highly recommend the books as great reads for both students and parents.


These resources provide information, tips and questions to help you open up discussion with your child about the transition and help prepare them for starting secondary school:

Getting Ready to Go Big 2020 Growth Mindset - Parent Pamphlet
Helping your child get into good habits - Parent Pamphlet Making the Change - Parent Pamphlet
Transition into secondary school - Parent-Pamphlet Building Resilience - Parent Pamphlet


These resources have been created to prepare Year 6 pupils for the transition to secondary school.

The lessons are based on the books You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed and Go Big by Matthew Burton. Each session will take pupils through some big ideas to help them on their way to secondary school.

Children should work through each interactive lesson, recording their answers in the accompanying workbook:

Be Awesome Go Big - Workbook
(editable version)
Be Awesome Go Big - Workbook
(print version)
Getting Ready to Go Big 2020
Session 1 - Being awesome Session 2 - Unlocking your mind
Session 3 - Dare to take risks Session 4 - Making the change
Session 5 - Lost but not lost Session 6 - Bouncebackability
Session 7 - What is normal anyway Session 8 - Friendships and fallouts
Session 9 - Living-well  

Meet the year 7 team 

Below is a list of some staff who you will meet whilst you are in year 7.

Please click on image to view 

We hope this will help you familiarise yourself before you start. We are all looking forward to meeting you.

send information 

 If you have any questions regarding Special Educational needs please contact  Mrs Dawson by email on

Below is a list of the SEND team who you will meet whilst you are in year 7.

Please click on image to view